Brandmaker is a strategically focused process of Brandterapi team that provides powerful insights to the brands.

Brand Value Model® is a wholesome model that provides a clean path for creating powerful brands. A value score is given to the brand in each module and by analyzing each subsection the design language is defined according to the analysis of strengths and weaknesses towards their competition.

Brand Value Model® will be repeated in time to answer where is our brand, where we want it to be and how it can move forward.

The most important aspects that differentiates Brand Value Model® from other models are;

  • Is a brand value model based on ozsomerbrndmap® that is developed academically by Prof. Ayşegül Özsomer from Koç University.
  • Is the only model in Turkey which defines brand personality archetypes and brand value perception attributes.
  • Is showing the importance of a brand, the relationship that we form with brands and the perception difference between generations. Thus the model is taking into account the difference between generations in each module.

During the works of localization of global strategies Brand Value Model® is also providing the difference of Turkish consumers perception versus other countries and gives the necessary cultural input to the global company strategies. 

Brand Projection® creates personality and image characteristics of a brand under “Body and Soul of a Brand”. It treats every brand as individuals. Like every individual all brands have a personality and an interaction with its outside.  Due to these interactions the perception of target group is under constant change. Brand Projection® establishes the alignment between personality and values for a brand within the specific target group perception and provides a continuity to exist in a healthy way. 

Brand Library® defines the meaning of personal attributes that identifies the brands for consumers. Most of the brands would like to identify themselves on right values but consumer’s perception differs on each sector, rational and emotional ways.

The aim of Brand Library® is to define brand attributes for Turkish consumers;

  • What they mean
  • What are the rational benefits
  • What are the emotional benefits
  • And determines the attributes the best way in which they are expressed in symbols

Brand Library® is also defines which attributes comes forefront in each industry by looking at the industry split of personality features of brands.